PVC vs Teflon Insulated Wire

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Wire insulation is essential for preventing electrical shorts between conductors. There are several types of wire insulations to choose from, and each material has different characteristics and advantages. This blog post will discuss the differences between PVC and Teflon wire insulation, as well as some of the most common applications of each type.  PVC Wire […]

A Guide to the Different Types of Coaxial Cables

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Coaxial cables are a type of transmission cable used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals. They generally consist of four layers—the inner conductor layer, the inner conductor insulating layer, the conductive shield layer, and the insulating outer jacket layer. This shielded design enables signal carrying voltage to flow through the central conductor with minimal interference […]

The Critical Role of Box-Build Assemblies

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What is a Box Build? A box build is an enclosure or panel used for the integration of a system’s electro-mechanical components. A box build can be as simple as a small plastic enclosure with just one or several components or more complex, with a larger enclosure designed for full system integration of multiple electro-mechanical […]

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