military assembliesMilitary equipment must be engineered for safety and dependability in mission-critical operations. These assemblies must be carefully designed and constructed to meet stringent industry-specified/approved specifications and standards, otherwise, military personnel and civilians could be put at risk

Electro-Prep has been manufacturing custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, box-builds, and electromechanical assemblies for the military for decades. This extensive experience gives us the knowledge and skills to deliver solutions that meet even the most stringent military requirements. 

What You Need To Know About Military Assemblies

Electrical wiring and cable assemblies for military applications require higher workmanship and quality standards than non-military applications. For example: 

  • They must have high strength and durability. Military equipment is often subjected to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, fluctuating pressures, high altitudes, corrosive chemicals, etc. These conditions can damage or destroy normal equipment, which is why wires and cables for military equipment must have enhanced strength and durability. These qualities enable them to withstand use in rough environments without needing extensive or excessive repairs and maintenance. 
  • They must meet strict quality specifications/standards. Given the critical nature of military operations, equipment must meet design and performance requirements and restrictions with a high degree of accuracy and precision. This helps ensure the device/system works as intended.
  • They must be extremely reliable. Since military equipment failure can put personnel and civilians at risk, all equipment must be rigorously tested for reliability before being put in operation.

Applications of Custom Military Wire Harnesses, and Military Cable Assemblies, and Electromechanical/Box-Build Assemblies

Cables, wires, and electronic boxes are important components in many military devices and systems. By carefully engineering and fabricating them with durability, reliability, and quality in mind, manufacturers can ensure they operate and perform as needed. 

Typical uses for military wire harnesses, cables assemblies, and box-build assemblies include: 

  • Airborne communication and navigation systems
  • Avionics systems
  • EMI sensitive equipment
  • Field communication systems
  • Inter-shelter communication systems
  • Marine systems
  • Military ground equipment
  • Mobile tactical field command platforms
  • Remote weapons control systems
  • Satellites and space shuttles

Partner With Electro-Prep for Your Military Assembly Needs Today

Looking for military cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and box-build assemblies you can trust? The experts at Electro-Prep are here to help.! Equipped with years of contract manufacturing experience and a solid understanding of military specifications, we have what it takes to provide quality solutions for a range of military devices and systems, from unmanned underwater vehicles to Packbot robots to surveillance systems. We build all of our products to IPC-620 and J-STD soldering standards and supply them in medium to high quantity volumes.

A past project that highlights how our technical expertise, high standards, and reliable service enable us to serve the military industry is our “Spider Board” project. While we were originally contracted to fabricate just the wire and cable components for an assembly, the military contractor customer saw the benefit of utilizing our expertise to build the entire assembly. They supplied us with the PCBA and asked us to make all of the solder connections and perform the final assembly work. The result was 11 custom PCB wire harness assemblies that contained several different connectors and terminal types. 

To learn more about how we serve the military industry with our products and services, contact us today. To discuss your wire harness or cable assembly requirements with one of our team members, request a quote.

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