Cable assemblies are a vital component in various industries for organizing and protecting wires and cables. Cable assemblies are available in many different varieties and can be customized to meet the specifications and requirements of each application. At Electro-Prep, we have the experience and knowledge to manufacture custom cable assemblies designed to meet your unique situation.

What Are Cable Assemblies?

Cable assemblies group wires and cables together to facilitate efficient and convenient power or information signal transmission. Wire and cable harnesses play a crucial role in modern electronic devices, construction machinery, automobiles, and more. Cable assemblies provide increased protection from damage, vibrations, and disconnections along with more efficient use of space.

Types Of Cable Assemblies

At Electro-Prep, we offer many different types of cable assemblies including the following:

RF/Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Our RF cable assemblies are customized to meet the requirements and specifications of any project. We understand every component of an RF cable assembly requires proper preparation and assembly to deliver optimal electrical performance and mechanical function. We rely on automated cable processing whenever possible to provide replicable and reliable coaxial cable assemblies as part of our efficient manufacturing process.

Ethernet Cable Assemblies

At Electro-Prep, we manufacture various types of Ethernet cables, including CAT 5E, CAT 6, CAT 6a, and CAT 7. We custom-build our Ethernet cables to meet our customers’ needs with custom lengths and specialized labeling to deliver the ideal solution for any application.

Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

Our wire assembly experts provide custom wire and cable harness solutions for individual and high-volume product orders while maintaining affordable prices. Our manufacturing processes and quality standards ensure that we fulfill small and large orders to meet industry-leading standards.

IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) Assemblies

IDC assemblies and connectors are an inexpensive solution that can reliably decrease wire processing times. They are ideal for reducing costs and saving time in various wiring applications.

Flat & Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat & ribbon cable assemblies are in high demand and require proper bending and labeling techniques. Electro-Prep depends on high-quality processes to custom manufacture reliable flat and ribbon cable assemblies. We test each of these assemblies 100% for continuity to ensure the products delivered meet our highest standards.

Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

Multi-conductor cable assemblies are electrical cables with an insulating sheath on the outside that encases multiple conductors or wires. Electro-Prep delivers custom multi-conductor cable assemblies suitable for various applications, including high-voltage power transmission, communication systems, data transmission, and audio systems.

Cable Assemblies by Industry

Electro-Prep manufactures a wide range of custom cable assembly solutions for the following industries:

  • Computer
  • Federal Government
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications Industries

Why Electro-Prep?

At Electro-Prep, we provide high-quality products and turn-key solutions to meet our clients’ expectations. We maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and manufacture products to meet CSA and UL standards when required. Our team undergoes rigorous training and certification by our in-house training specialists to meet IPC/WHMA-A-620 workmanship standards and J-STD-001 soldering standards. Our highly refined Kanban delivery system helps us provide materials through consignment or turn-key solutions.

Custom Cable Assembly From Electro-Prep

Cable assemblies increase the organization and efficiency of cable and wires used in communication signal and power transmission. There are various types of cable assemblies to suit every application. At Electro-Prep, we have delivered solutions made in the USA since 1977. We manufacture high-quality custom cable assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. Contact us to speak with a representative or request a quote today.

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