Case Studies

As a trusted provider of custom wire and cable assemblies, Electro-Prep delivers comprehensive solutions for demanding industries. Our services provide benefits such as improved design for manufacturability, reduced lead times, and products that meet rigorous testing and quality standards. These case studies outline solutions Electro-Prep has provided for customers in several diverse industries. 

Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Wire Harness (Spider Board) for a Military Application

In addition to wire harnesses and subassemblies, Electro-Prep, Inc. is also a trusted provider of “spider board assemblies” to a DOD contractor. As the primary assembly provider for the entire PCBA assembly, we deliver high standards and unmatched service. In this case study, Electro-Prep designed and now constructs 11 different wire harness assemblies for a military application. 

The customer supplies us with printed circuit boards and we then make all the solder connections as well as perform all of the final assembly work for all 11 wire harnesses. During this process we:

  • Use a wide array of terminal types as well as rectangular connectors to build a variety of wire harness assemblies
  • Lay out the wiring and make both soldered and crimped terminations
  • Make SMD connections using precision fine-tip soldering techniques and then protect the wire from wear damage by using nylon sleeving. 

Each board undergoes visual inspection and full electrical testing before it is shipped to the customer. Wire harness assemblies from Electro-Prep are built to IPC-620 workmanship standards as well as J-STD soldering standards and can be supplied in medium to high volume quantities. 

Custom Manufactured Electromechanical Assembled Box-Build (Junction Box) for Water Purification Industry

Electro-Prep supplies junction boxes for a multinational company in the water purification industry. This company originally approached us for a turnkey electromechanical assembly solution. We worked closely with them to engineer an electromechanical box-build that met budget and quality criteria. 

Electro-Prep created a design that featured pressure-rated watertight housing. However, after it was determined that creating this custom item would extend beyond the company’s budget, we quickly began investigating acceptable alternatives. Within a few days, we located a standard housing that, with minor modifications, would meet cost and design objectives. 

The finalized electromechanical assembly consists of watertight housing, custom gaskets, cable glands, and DIN rail terminal blocks. Electro-Prep developed custom tooling that optimizes the speed and accuracy of the assembly process and guarantees timely product delivery. Our quality assurance analytics ensure UL standards, as well as the client’s specified pressure tolerances, are met. 

Custom Wire Harness for Marine Industry

Electro-Prep improved product production and assembly time for a marine industry manufacturer that produces a wide array of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). We developed a solution for binding and combining wires into a single harness, streamlining the vehicle’s wiring process while complying with industry performance and safety standards. 

Throughout this process we:

  • Designed and fabricated a subsea qualified wire harness using forming boards. 
  • Created a design with manufacturability in mind, ensuring the highest possible degree of repeatability in the final product. 
  • Employed semi-automatic and hand crimping tools to minimize production time. 
  • Built custom-engineered fixtures to perform 100% continuity testing. 

This harness combines multi-conductor cable with discrete wires, rectangular connectors, splicing, and soldiered terminations. We also use military wire lacing as it is the easiest for the company’s assemblers to work with when installing the harness in tight locations. 

Case Studies from Electro-Prep

Electro-Prep provides custom-engineered solutions that help take businesses to the next level. For more information on our capabilities and services, contact us today or request a quote to get started. 

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