At Electro-Prep, Inc., we supply the “Spider board” assembly highlighted here for use in a military application. We initially built just the wire harnesses and subassemblies, but with our technical expertise, high standards, and reliable service, over time we have evolved into the primary assembly provider for the entire PCBA assembly.

The customer supplies us with the printed circuit boards, and we make all of the soldered connections and perform all of the final assembly work.

Production of this PCB wire harness assembly incorporates many of our in-house capabilities. For this project, we designed and built 11 different wire harness assemblies using rectangular connectors and a wide assortment of terminal types. With our state-of-the-art equipment, including computer-controlled cut and strip machines and semi-automated crimpers, we uphold very high-quality standards.

Our technical assembly team lays out the wiring and makes both crimped and soldered terminations. We then tap into their precision, fine tip soldering capabilities to make the SMD connections. Nylon sleeving protects the wire from excessive wear while cable ties neatly secure the wire bundles. Each finished board undergoes 100% visual inspection and full electrical testing before they are shipped to the customer.

With our years of experience, we have a solid understanding of military specifications and specialty components. We build these products to IPC-620 and J-STD soldering standards and supply them in medium to high quantity volumes. As one of this client’s most trusted contract manufacturers, with a proven track record for performance and reliability, they have increased their orders with us for this product as well as many others. Contact us directly to learn more about our entire platform of services.

Case Study Capabilities

Project Name and Description Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Wire Harness Assembly (Spider Board)
Capabilities Applied/Processes Fine Soldering (Small)
Terminal Crimping
Connector Assembly
Nylon Tubing was Added for Wire Production
Cable Ties
11 Wire Harness Assemblies
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Cutting and Stripping of Wire
Test Equipment
Semi Automated Crimping
Components Used Nylon Sleeving
Rectangular Connectors
Variety of Different Terminals
Ribbon Cable and Discrete Wires
Industry for Use Military
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed 100 % Visual Inspection
Electrical Test
Volume Medium to High
Delivery Location South Coast (MA)
Standards Met J-STD
IPC 620

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