Wire harnesses are a staple of our business.

Wire harnesses

While the definition of “wire harness” may include as few as three discreet components in combination, most classic harnesses include many more wires and other passive (and potentially active) components.

Wire harnesses are typically designed to simplify the manufacture of a larger electronic box or device by integrating the wiring into a single (or several) combinations for “drop-in” installation. Some of the harnesses we build include dozens of wires and sometimes hundreds of different components.

  • Simplify your entire manufacturing process with integrated wiring assemblies
  • Integrate other electronic components like PCB’s, resistors, motors, or other materials to assist in building your “big picture” assembly
  • Harness boards built in house
  • Utilize any type of wire, cable, or combination of same including PVC or Teflon insulation, multi-conductor cable, or coaxial cable
  • Include shrink tubing, non-shrink tubing, Expando sleeving, lacing, cable ties, bread ties, spiral wrap, or any number of conduit options to protect/secure your harness
  • Label/mark/identify specific harness locations for simple installation into your primary device(s)
  • Automated testing capabilities with Cirrus test systems

All of our harnesses are built in-house by our experienced and expertly trained personnel to assure that our customers receive the highest quality products. Our certified, on-site trainers make sure all product lives up to our ISO 9001:2015 certification, along with our IPC-620 workmanship standards and J-STD soldering standards.

Please let us know how we can assist with your wire harness requirements.

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