RF/Coaxial Cable Assemblies

CoacxiaAt Electro-Prep, we have many years of experience in manufacturing coaxial cable assemblies, us the opportunity to offer preparation, assembly, and testing services. We provide custom RF cable assemblies designed to meet the specifications and requirements of any project and understand that all components of an RF assembly must be properly prepared and assembled to ensure optimal electrical and mechanical functions.

Our efficient manufacturing process utilizes automated cable processing whenever possible to ensure reliable and repeatable coaxial assemblies. Our capabilities ensure that customers are pleased with the quality of each cable assembly we deliver.

Ethernet Cable Assemblies

Electro-Prep manufactures a variety of ethernet cables, including CAT 5E, CAT 6, CAT6a, and CAT 7. Our ethernet cables are custom built to suit the individual needs of our customers and can be manufactured in custom lengths with unique labeling to assure they meet all customer requirements and specifications.

Custom Wire Harness

We offer a variety of custom wire harness assemblies to meet a wide range of requirements and specifications. When fulfilling both high volume orders and individual custom wire harness assembly orders, our experts deliver custom wire harness solutions at affordable prices. We go above and beyond to ensure that orders of any size are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

IDC (Insulation Displacement Connectors) Assemblies 

Insulation displacement connectors (IDC) are used to terminate insulated wires to terminals or connectors, and they require no pre-stripping of the wire’s insulation. They allow for dependable and quick terminations to discrete wires and flat ribbon cables.

At Electro-Prep, we verify wire type and thickness, wire-to-wire spacing, gauge of the wire, cable alignment, and application tooling for consistent quality. And by testing the continuity of each cable, we assure the reliability of connections and prevent short-circuits and electrical opens.

Flat & Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Custom flat and ribbon cable assemblies are in high demand and it is critical to use the proper bending and labeling techniques. At Electro-Prep, we use quality manufacturing processes to reliably manufacture every one of our custom flat and ribbon cable assemblies. We then perform 100% continuity testing to assure they meet our high standards.

Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

A multi-conductor cable is an electrical cable containing multiple discrete wires or conductors wrapped inside an outer insulation sheath. Electro-Prep offers multi-conductor cable assemblies for audio systems, data transmission systems, communication systems, high voltage power transmission, and more. We can process multi-conductor cable with an unlimited number of conductors, and meet length and tolerance requirements of virtually any application.

For all inquiries about our custom assemblies and other capabilities, request a quote from our specialists today.

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