At Electro-Prep Inc., we furnish a multi-national company in the water purification industry with the junction box highlighted here. With our reputation as problem-solvers, we worked closely with the company to engineer an electro mechanical box-build solution that corresponded with both their quality criteria and their budget constraints.

Initially, we supplied the customer with just the wire and cable assembly elements of this junction box. To eliminate a pain point in their production operations, they approached us to provide a turnkey solution for delivering the entire electro mechanical assembly. Our original design included a custom pressure-rated, watertight housing. But by making it a custom item, it pushed the overall costs for the junction box beyond the amount the company had budgeted. We quickly determined that switching to a standard housing would successfully address the cost issue and began working with the customer to investigate acceptable alternatives. Within a few days, we located one that, with a few slight modifications, aligned with their design and cost objectives.

This electro mechanical assembly consists of a watertight housing with custom gaskets and cable glands and DIN rail terminal blocks. We developed custom tooling to optimize the speed and accuracy of the entire assembly process and guarantee timely delivery of products that conform to customer specifications. Our quality assurance analytics ensure the product meets UL standards and complies with the pressure tolerances specified by the client.

We continue to supply this junction box assembly at the rate of over 500 units every quarter. The customer was impressed with our ability to quickly design a solution that satisfied their quality and cost expectations. For more about this project, contact us directly to learn how our turnkey solutions for electro mechanical assemblies and subassemblies can benefit your production operations while improving profitability.


Case Study Specifications

Project Name and Description Electro Mechanical Box-Build (Junction Box)
Capabilities Applied/Processes Drill Press
Turn Key Solution
Custom Fixtures and Tooling
Components Used Custom Gaskets
Cable Glands
DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
Industry for Use Water Purification
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Test to Customer Specification
Volume 100 to 5000+ Annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3 to 5 w
Design Time 1 w
Delivery Location North Eastern (MA)
Standards Met Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Box was Rated to Meet Pressure Specs of Customer

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