For over thirty years, Electro-Prep has been “Committed to Quality Connections”. Whether it’s cutting and stripping single, discreet wires, 4/0 to 32-gauge, building a complex harness with hundreds of components, or seamlessly delivering dozens of electro-mechanical assemblies/box builds per day, rest assured they will be of the highest quality and produced by seasoned professionals. All of our products are built to ISO 9001:2008, IPC-620 and J-STD soldering standards. We employ state-of-the-art equipment, including Schleuniger computer-controlled cut and strip machines, to bring you the highest quality products possible.

We prepare and build:

  • Wire and Cable – We prepare wire and cable in thousands of different variations.
  • Wire Harnesses – Simplify your entire manufacturing process with integrated wiring assemblies ranging from several components to hundreds per harness
  • Cable Assemblies – We assemble our cables in every configuration imaginable
  • Ribbon Cables – Wide to fine pitch, two to more than one hundred conductors, simple to many connectors per assembly
  • Coaxial Cables – Expert coaxial cable assembly including semi-rigid capabilities and a wide array of interface options
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly / Box Builds – Assembly and test of electronic packages including PCB’s
  • Custom Assembly / Integration – Take advantage of our superior quality, service and customer-centric mindset. Count on Electro-Prep to build either the subassemblies or the final products you design.

Electro-Prep is confident in being able to satisfy whatever your assembly needs may be. Please check our individual product and service pages for more specifics on your requirements.

We have been doing business with Electro-Prep since 1992. They furnish a variety of cable assemblies, which we use in (our applications). We have been very pleased with their performance