Commitment to Quality


At Electro-Prep, we take pride in our capital equipment and tools. They are an extension of our workforce and help us create the quality products you know us for. In order to maintain our high level of quality, we routinely perform maintenance and calibration to keep our machines working well.

Preventive maintenance checklists maintained on dozens of different pieces of equipment including:

  • Schleuniger Cut and Strip machines, Wire Strippers, a High-End Multistage Coaxial Cable Stripper, and Accessories
  • Carpenter Strippers and Cutting Machine
  • Simplex Stripper
  • AMP/Tyco/TE Connectivity Crimping Machines and Accessories
  • Molex Crimping Machines and Accessories
  • JST Presses and Accessories
  • Kingsley Hot-Stamp Machines
  • Auto-Splice Splicing Machines
  • Alphatron Twisters
  • 3M Presses and Accessories
  • Panduit and Simplex Equipment and Accessories

Calibration performed regularly by outside party(s) on dozens of other items including:

  • Cirrus Testers
  • Ohaus, RLWS, and Pelouze Scales
  • Hakko Solder Stations
  • Aerospace, Starrett, and Mitutoyo Calipers and Micrometers
  • Imada and Alphatron Pull-Testers


We have been doing business with Electro-Prep since 1992. They furnish a variety of cable assemblies, which we use in (our applications). We have been very pleased with their performance